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Edit - it's not doing the automatic $1.79 thing, but the other deals are working (25% off and free shipping). So there are still some great deals!

My friend C sent me this info - I haven't tried it yet, but I thought I'd get it out there.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that at they are having a huge clearance on kids crafts, mostly Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas stuff. They have a bunch of stuff marked down to $2, $3, and $4, but it all went to $1.79 when I put it in my cart, not sure why. But the best part is that almost all of the crafts are packs of TWELVE, so if you do any sort of preschool co-op, or teaching, you can get 12 art projects for $1.79. If you're just doing this for yourself, like me, you will just have a lot of crafts to share. :)

I am pretty sure this deal is legit, but as always with things you find online, buy at your own risk. Although the site was quite busy earlier today, so some people on the message board where I read this had to call in their order, and it went through the same. I'm not sure why all the clearance is showing up at $1.79 instead of its listed price, or if that will change, but for right now this is an awesome deal!

There are also some online codes - use VIP in the coupon portion for an additional 25% off. And even better, use UE8 in the promo portion for free shipping.



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