Register Rewards at Walgreens

Here's some info on Walgreens Register Rewards. Now that they have done away with their rebate program, we will be seeing more Register Rewards (RR) deals. The term Register Rewards and Catalina can be used interchangeably.

These are money off coupons to use on your next order. They print off from the Catalina machine beside the register. Purchase a certain item, get a catalina for $ off your next purchase. Last month, Crest mouthwash was on sale for $4.49 and when you bought it, you would get a RR for $4.50 off your next purchase.

But, BEWARE, these are not rollable. Meaning, you cannot use that RR that you got on Crest Mouthwash to buy another bottle of Crest Mouthwash and expect to get another RR.

But, you CAN use a RR from one company to buy a RR product from another company. For example, you could use the above mentioned, Crest Mouthwash RR to pay for Dove deodorant. If the Dove deodorant was included in a RR, then you will get the RR for it, even though you paid with a RR. Because those RR are from different companies.

You can use as many manufactures coupons (MFQ) and RR as you have items purchased. So if you want to use 2 RR and 6 MFQ, you must have at least 8 items that you are purchasing.

You can use as many RR in a single transaction as you have products and a balance. RR will not work for taxes. If, after MFQ and RR, you have a balance of $2.06 and you have 1 more RR worth $2, the register will not accept it because it would be paying against the taxes.

Also, the best order to hand the cashier your coupons is:
1 - Manufactures Coupons
2 - Store Coupons
3 - Register Rewards



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