Rancho Market Deals 4/6/10 - 4/12/10

Here are this weeks deals. Rancho Market has some great produce deals. From my experience, the produce is VERY fresh. So make sure you are going to be able to use it within a few days.

Bananas 3lbs/$.99
Mangoes 2/$.99
Plums $.99/lb
Broccoli Crowns 2lbs/$.99
Tomatillos 4lbs/$.99
Eggplant $.59/lb
Carrots 3lbs/$.99
Jalapeno peppers 2lbs/$.99
Mexican Green Onions 3/$.99
Thai Coconut $.89 each
Chayote Squash 4/$.99

Pork Chops $.99/lb
Pork spareribs $1.79/lb
Pork Loin Roast, boneless $2.69/lb
Beef Chuck Roll Steak $2.59/lb
Beef Taco Meat $2.99/lb
Beef Fajitas $2.69/lb
Shrimp, large 20-30ct $4.99/lb
Chicken steak, boneless $1.69/lb
Chicken hot wings $2.69/lb
Sausage, ranch style $1.89/lb

Corn and Flour Tortillas made fresh daily!

Tuesday only specials:
Cauliflower 2lbs/$.99
Red Apples 3lbs/$.99
Marinated Chicken $.79/lb
Pork Milanesa $1.79/lb
Ground Chicken $1.29/lb

Wednesday only specials:
Pinto Beans 2lbs/$.99
Rice 3lbs/$.99
Mexican Squash 2lbs/$.99
Pork Stew Meat bone-in $.99/lb
Chicken Milanesa $1.99/lb
Beef, thin sliced $2.99/lb

Thursday only specials:
Lemons 3lbs/$.99
Lettuce 3/$.99
Papaya 2lbs/$.99
Beef Chuck Roast $2.29/lb
Beef Tripe $.79/lb

Specials from the Kitchen:
Tues. 4/6: Tortillas, flautas size 60ct $1.39
Wed. 4/7: Tacos de Chicharron $.99 each
Thurs. 4/8: Barbacoa de res $4.99/lb
Fri. 4/9: Chicken Flautas plate $3.99 each
Sat. 4/10: Carne Asada Combo $9.99 each
Sun. 4/11: Carnitas Combo $9.99 each

Thanks to PYP!

190 E. 33rd S. in Salt Lake
4071 W 5415 S in Kearns
2470 S. Redwood in WVC
1700 North State St., Provo
8177 West, 3500 South Magna



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