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1 - Ask your stores questions. Do they double coupons? Do they take expired coupons? Do they take competitor's coupons? It never hurts to ask because there are quite a few stores out there that do say yes to these questions.

2 - Yes, couponing takes time, but it's well worth it when you bring a car load of stuff home for a few dollars!! Getting started takes the most time. If you set aside a certain time each week to cut and organize your coupons, it will only take 1-2 hours per week. It's when you let them pile up on your kitchen table (like mine right now), that it's very time consuming...

3 - Save the coupons that you think you'll never use. I don't have any pets, but I save my dog and cat food coupons because I have been able to use them to get overages and make money. I give a ton of product away to friends and family, as well as donations. So even if you don't use a certain brand, you can help someone else out by donating it.

4 - Before we do most anything, (go out to eat, to a museum, the zoo, etc) I get online and see if there are coupons or discounts for it. You can do a search on google or go to

5 - Most cashiers and store managers don't know much about coupons. They will make up rules according to what they think or have been told. You will encounter coupon idiots. Stand strong and know what you are talking about. If the cashier doesn't help, ask to speak to a manager. If they aren't helpful, ask for their names and call corporate. You should NEVER be made to feel like you are a criminal or stealing from the store. If they try to make you feel that way, stand up for yourself! Don't let this deter you from couponing - I'm just letting you know that at some point you might run into this...

We all want to hear about the deals that you find, so pass them along and I'll share them with the other readers. You can email me or post them in the comments and I'll copy and paste.

Feel free to forward this blog on to your friends and family (not for self promotion purposes). The way the economy is going, I think the more people that we can help save a few dollars and keep their heads above water, the better! It's getting a little scary out there...



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