Kashi Coupon

$2 off coupon for Kashi granola bars.

Glade at Target

Thanks to Mercedes of Common Sense with Money.

Buy any four Holiday Glade Items you get a $5 Target gift card.
Holiday items include Apple Cinnamon, Cinnamon Gingerbread and Glistening Snow scent items.

Good Deal:
$10 Buy 4 Glade Scented Oil Candle Holders $2.50 each
-$5 Use 2 B1G1 coupons on Coupons.com
= $5 OOP and you get $5 Gift Card Back

Best Deal:$10 Buy 4 Glade Scented Oil Candle Holders $2.50 each
-$5 Use 2 BIGI coupons on Coupons.com
-$4 Use 2 $2 off Scented Oil Candle blinkies found at Kmart and many other grocery stores
= $1 OOP and you get $5 Gift Card Back

The offer doesn't apply to candles only, it could be plug in warmers too, as long as it is a holiday scent. This deal is good through 12/15. Limit one offer per transaction.

Printing Bricks Coupons

I make sure my printer settings are set to "print preview" (not sure if everyone has this option). That way I can see everything exactly the way it will print before I agree to print it.

Usually, bricks coupons print on the top 1/3 of the paper. So I cut my paper into thirds and put it in that way. Then you won't waste all that paper and ink for the rest of the ad.

If you don't have print preview, print the coupon and then flip the paper over and print on the back side in the opposite direction. Saving on paper.

Progresso Soup Coupon

$1.10 off 1 can printable and you should be able to print 2.

FREE Target Retote

Send in 5 Target plastic bags and get a FREE Retote. Here's the link.

Walgreens FAR

Loreal Age Perfect Pro Calcium Rediance Perfector 1.7 oz
+ $19.99
= Free after rebate

Almay One Coat Mascara
+ $6.99
- $1.00 S 8/3/08, 9/14/08, 10/12/08
= Free after rebate or $-1.00

Restaurants.com Deal

Not a grocery deal, but a great deal nonetheless...

Go to restaurants.com and enter the code TREATS at checkout and get a $25 GC for $2 to one of the retaurants from their selection. Or you can up the price of GC to $50 for $4 or $75 for $6!!!

Rite Aid 10/26/08 - 11/1/08

Lots of freebies this week!! (Thanks to TangoUno at SD for compilation.)

This rebate valid three days only: 10/26 to 10/28, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
Charles Worthington Dream Hair Shampoo, Conditioner or Stylers
+ $6.99 sale price this week
- $6.99 SCR

This rebate valid three days only: 10/26 to 10/28, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
Citre Shine Shine Miracle, Miracle Serum or Aerosol Serum, 4 oz
+ $5.99 sale price this week
- $5.99 SCR
-Citre Shine Product, any full size $1 SS 8/17/08 or $1 printable
= FREE or $1 profit

This rebate valid three days only: 10/26 to 10/28, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
Citre Shine Miracle Shine Mist, Pomade or Gloss Gelee, 2 - 3.4 oz
+ $3.99 sale price this week
- $3.99 SCR
-Citre Shine Product, any full size $1 SS 8/17/08 or $1 printable
= FREE or $1 profit

This rebate valid this week only.
L'Oreal Age Perfect Radiance Perfector Tinted Moisturizer, 1.7 oz
+ $15.99 sale price this week
- $15.99 SCR
-$1 MFQ printable or
-$2 MFQ LOreal Makeup, Powder, Blush or Concealer, any V 10/5/08 or
- $2 on Any Bare Naturale Face product or any L'Oreal Makeup, Powder, Blush or Concealer RP 9/7
= FREE or $1 or $2 profit

This rebate valid this week only.
Kotex Maxipads 14 - 24 ct, Lightdays Pantiliners 34 - 64 ct, Security Tampons, 18 ct
+ $3.00 sale price this week
- $3.00 SCR
-$1 printable or printable
-$0.75 MFQ Kotex Lightdays Pantiliners, any SS 10/12/08
-$1 MFQ Kotex Pads, any SS 9/7/08
-$1 MFQ Kotex Pads, any SS 10/12/08
= FREE or $0.75 or $1 profit

This rebate valid this week only.
Axe Shock Shower Gel 12 oz or Axe Shower Detailer Tool
+ $3.99 sale price this week
- $3.99 SCR

This rebate valid this week only.
Oral B Artica Toothbrush, 1ct
+ $2.49 sale price this week
- $2.49 SCR
-$0.75 MFQ Oral-B Manual Toothbrush , any P & G 9/28/08
= FREE or $0.75 profit

This rebate valid this week only.
DentaBurst Teeth Cleaners, 12 ct
+ $1.99 sale price this week
- $1.99 SCR

This rebate valid this week only.
GE Power Source Strip - 6 outlet
+ $5.00 sale price this week
- $5.00 SCR

GE Indoor Extension Cords - 6 or 9 ft, White or Brown
+ $2.00 sale price this week
- $2.00 SCR

This rebate valid this week only.
Adidas Antiperspirant or Deodorant, 2.6 - 3 oz or Body Wash 13.5 oz, or Body Spray 4 oz
+ $3.99 sale price this week
- $3.00 SCR
- $1.00/1 MQ Adidas Deodorant, Body Spray or Body Wash RP 9/7/08
= $0.01 profit

Freestyle Lite Meter
+ $ 29.99 sale price this week
Use RA coupon $45.00 off Freestyle Lite Meter from the Inner Strength Magazine found in RA stores

Sally Hansen Lip Treatments 25% off this week
- FREE after SCR, up to $7.50
-$.50 Sally Hansen Lip Product SS 09/28/08 or printable

Suave Hand or Body Lotion
+ $1.99 sale price this week (18 oz size)
- $ 2.00 SCR
- $.75 Suave Lotion Products V 9/21/08
= FREE or $.75 profit

Joy Dishwashing Liquid
-$1/3 Joy RP 10/12/08
=$1.97 for three

Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer
-$2 Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer printable

Sunmaid Raisins 6pk
-$1/2 Sunmaid Raisin 6pk RP 10/05/08
=$.98 for two

Jif Peanut Butter 18oz
-$1/2 Jif Peanut Butter RP 08/24/08
=$2.98 for two

Thanks to TheWoman at HCW for this information.
Register for myriteaid.com and receive $50 worth of money saving coupons right away. Among the coupons is a $5/$25 purchase. According to TheWoman, you need to print what you need right away because once you print them you will not be able to access them again without registering again with a new e-mail address.

Make sure you give them this coupon FIRST, so that your total doesn't drop below $25 before this coupon.

If your store doesn't have the rebate items that you want, ask if they are doing substitutions or doing Rain Checks.
*Substitutions are what they sound like... They substitute another item, but ring you up for the rebate item.
*Rain Checks work either of 2 ways (depending on store). They can have you pay up front for the item and then they will hold it for you and call you when it gets in. This works well for those items that have purchase deadlines (for 3 days only, etc). Or they can give you a rain check for the sale price and you have to keep checking back to see if they have the item before the rebate period is up.

More tips...

1 - Ask your stores questions. Do they double coupons? Do they take expired coupons? Do they take competitor's coupons? It never hurts to ask because there are quite a few stores out there that do say yes to these questions.

2 - Yes, couponing takes time, but it's well worth it when you bring a car load of stuff home for a few dollars!! Getting started takes the most time. If you set aside a certain time each week to cut and organize your coupons, it will only take 1-2 hours per week. It's when you let them pile up on your kitchen table (like mine right now), that it's very time consuming...

3 - Save the coupons that you think you'll never use. I don't have any pets, but I save my dog and cat food coupons because I have been able to use them to get overages and make money. I give a ton of product away to friends and family, as well as donations. So even if you don't use a certain brand, you can help someone else out by donating it.

4 - Before we do most anything, (go out to eat, to a museum, the zoo, etc) I get online and see if there are coupons or discounts for it. You can do a search on google or go to www.slickdeals.net.

5 - Most cashiers and store managers don't know much about coupons. They will make up rules according to what they think or have been told. You will encounter coupon idiots. Stand strong and know what you are talking about. If the cashier doesn't help, ask to speak to a manager. If they aren't helpful, ask for their names and call corporate. You should NEVER be made to feel like you are a criminal or stealing from the store. If they try to make you feel that way, stand up for yourself! Don't let this deter you from couponing - I'm just letting you know that at some point you might run into this...

We all want to hear about the deals that you find, so pass them along and I'll share them with the other readers. You can email me or post them in the comments and I'll copy and paste.

Feel free to forward this blog on to your friends and family (not for self promotion purposes). The way the economy is going, I think the more people that we can help save a few dollars and keep their heads above water, the better! It's getting a little scary out there...

Coupon Codes

When you look at your coupons, there are 2 bar codes on the bottom. The first barcode is the "family" code. For example, 36000 is Kimberly Clark (Huggies, etc). Each family code is for a certain brand or company.

For a coupon to work, the first 5 numbers (after the first digit, usually a 5 or a 9) must match the corresponing numbers on the product.

Sometimes a coupon states that a coupon will work on multiple products, but it can only be coded for 1 product. I have some coupons that are for $5 off Hot Wheels or Barbie products, but it is coded only for Hot Wheels. So when I tried to use it on Barbie, it beeped. It was pushed through because I had them read the coupon and they saw that I had the correct product.

So for a smoother (no beeps) transaction, try to match your coupon codes. If it does beep, be able to prove that you are right!


Don't forget to check your Kmart ads to see if your store is doing double coupons!!! (It should be on the front page of the ad at the bottom). You can do some serious damage if they are!!! :-) Any questions, let me know.

Free Johnson's Buddies Easy Grip Soap

Here are some links for $1.00 off any Johnson's products. At most stores, (Target, Walmart, Smiths, Albies, Kmart, etc) this soap is less than $1, so it's free after coupon.

My girls love this soap. It's a fruity smelling soap that's wrapped in a pouch that keeps it from slipping out of their hands. Plus the soap lasts forever.

At some stores (Kroger, Smiths, Albies, Kmart), when you buy 3 Johnson & Johnson products, you get a catalina for $3 off 3 more J&J products. This works great with the Buddy Bars. (Rumor has it that it works on the small baby oil and small baby powder also, but I haven't personally tried it.) Not sure when the catalina deal will expire, but it was working as of 2 days ago.

1 - Print your coupons.
2 - Buy 3 J&J products with coupons (Buddy Bars are going to be FREE).
3 - Catalina machine prints out you $3 off OYNO coupon.
4 - Rinse and repeat. :-)

You can print the coupon or you can request to have the coupon mailed it to you (or both).

Coupon #1 print

Coupon #2 mail

Coupon #3 mail

Coupon #4 print (enter contest and if you don't win you get coupon)


Ziploc coupons

I also have some coupons for Progresso Broth and Yoplait yogurt. If you would like me to send you one via email, let me know and I'll get them sent.

$30 SC Johnson Coupons (cleaning supplies)

Save up to $30 and stock up on your favorite SC Johnson products! These are awesome coupons - high value! Click here!

Walgreens $5 off $20

Here's a great coupon for Walgreens! It's for Fri, 10/24 and Sat, 10/25 ONLY.

This is great to use with RR and Rebate items - you make an extra $5!!

Here are some scenarios, borrowed from SD.

Scenario 1
$16.49 Loreal Revitalift
$0.00 Revitalift free gift
$4.50 Oral B
-$1 Loreal mfq
-$1 Loreal mfq
-$.75 Oral-B mfq
= $13.24 OOP and get back $4.50 RR, $16.49 rebate

Scenario 2
3 Robitussin @ $5.99 ($17.97)
1 St. Ives @ $4.99
= $22.97
- $5/$20
= $17.97
- $9 (3 x $3 Robitussin printable)
= $9.96
- $2 (St. Ives printable )
= OOP $7.97
Get back - $10 RR and $5 RR

Scenario 3
1 Fusion @ $8.99
1 St. Ives @ $4.99
1 Alka Seltzer @ $4.99
2 Yardley Soaps @ $.69 each after in ad q ($1.38)
= $20.35
- $5/20
= $15.35
- $4 (fusion mfq)
- $2 (st. ives q)
= OOP $9.35
RR's $4, $5, and $5

Scenario 4
1 Fusion @ $8.99
1 Oral B @ $4.49
1 St Ives @ $4.99
3 Yardley Soaps @ $.69 each after in ad q ($2.07)
= $20.54
- $5/$20
= $15.54
- $4 (fusion mfq 9/28 PG)
- $2 (st ives printable)
- $.75 (Oral B mfq 9/28 PG)
= OOP $8.79
RR's $4, $5, and $4.50

Walmart Deals (ongoing)

Windex wipes 25 ct - $1.00
- $.75 MFQ (9/21 SS) = $.25

Sun Maid raisins - $1.33
- $1/2 MFQ (10/5 RP) = $.83

Glade Glass Scents - $2.84
- B1G1 MFQ (10/12 SS) = $.84 for 2

Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables - $1.25
- $.35 MFQ (10/12 SS) = $.90

Zone Nutrition Bars - $.94
- $1 MFQ (9/7 SS) = free

Honey Bunches of Oats - 2/$2
- $2 printable = free

Preparation H 10 ct. wipes - $2.97
- $3 printable = free

Schick 10 ct disposable razors - $1.97
- $2 MFQ (9/7 SS) = free

Well Patch Singles - $.97
- $1 MFQ (7/13 SS) = free

Kotex pantiliners 16 or 18 ct - $1.00
- $1 printable = free
- $1 (9/7 SS) = free
- $1 (10/12 SS) = free

KY Jelly 2 oz - $2.59
- $3 MFQ (5/1 RP) = free

Powerade - $.75
- $.75 MFQ (6/8 SS) = free

Purina Cat Food - $3.97
- $4 printable = free

Johnson’s Buddies Bar Soap - $.99 x 3
- $3/3 MFQ (9/14 SS) = free

Purina Puppy Chow - $4.12
- $4 printable = $.12

Wet Ones trial size - $.92
- $.75 printable = $.17

Cascadian Farms Organic “Purely Steam” Frozen Veggies - $1.22-$1.78
- $1 printable = $.22-$.78
- $1 MFQ (10/05 SS) = $.22-$.78

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers - $1.23-$1.99
- $1 MFQ (9/7 GM) = $.23-$.99

Muir Glen Tomato Sauce or Diced Tomatoes - $1.24
- $1 printable = $.24

Betty Crocker Cookie Pouch - $1.00
- $0.75 printable = $.25

Kraft Easy Mac - $.75
- $1/2 MFQ (8/24 SS) = $.25 each

Barilla Piccolini Pasta - $1.27
- $1 printable = $.27

Franks Red Hot Sauce - $.88
- $0.50 printable = $.38

Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser pads - $5.44
- $5/1 printable = $.44

Starkist Tuna Creations - $1.48
- $1 MFQ (9/7 or 10/12 RP) = $.48

Betty Crocker Potato Pouches - $.88
- $.40 MFQ (9/14 SS) = $.48

Nestle Toll House Morsels - $1.98
- $1.50 printable = $.48

Pillsbury Toaster Strudels - $1.50
- $1 printable = $.50

Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta - $1.50
- $1 MFQ (9/14 or 10/5 SS) = $.50

Martha White Baking Mixes - $0.84
- $.55/2 MFQ (8/24 RP) = $.57 each

Pillsbury Refrigerated Pizza Crust - $1.70
- $1.10 printable = $.60

Campbell's Select Harvest Microwavable Soup - $1.00
- $.75/2 MFQ (10/5 SS) = $.63

Tucks Takealong Wipes - $2.64
- $2 printable = $.64

Chex Mix Bars - $1.98
- $1.25 printable = $.73

Walmart prices vary by store.

Thanks to Centsible Savings help in compiling them.

RR at Walgreens

The final prices are after receiving the RR. Prices can vary slightly from store to store.

Benefiber 16pk (or mix with Theraflu) $8 RR
3 Benefiber Kiwi Strawberry @ $7.99 = $23.97
- $5 x 3 ES = $8.97
- $2 x 3 MFQ = $5.03 profit

Alka-Seltzer $4.99 RR
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold (Original Flavor only) 20 ct @ $4.99
-$1 man Q = $1 profit

Gillette $4 RR
Gillette Fusion Razor @ $9.99 (bonus packs should work)
-$4 man Q = $1.99 OOP

Oral B $4.99 RR (ends 10/25)
Oral B Cross Action Toothbrush @ $4.99
- $.75/1 (9/28 PG)= $.75 profit

St Ives Elements $5 RR
2 St Ives Elements @ $4.99 = $9.98
- BOGO MFQ = $.01 profit
- $2 printable Print here = $.98 profit

Some Printable Coupons

$2 off Aquafresh

$1 off Kellogs Cereal

$1 off Renu contact solution

$5 Clean and Clear



$1 off Scott TP

$1.50 off Purell

Tips for printing mulitples of the "bricks" coupons. Once you print 1, hit back a couple of times and it will print another one for you. Most of the time you can only print 2 bricks coupons, but sometimes you can get more. Some bricks will allow you to choose a snail mail option. There will be a "help" choice at the bottom of the page. Click on that and enter mailing info.

Free Pop at Albies

Albertsons has 2 liter A&W, Sunkist, and 7up on sale 10 for $10 with a $10 MIR that prints at register, making them free. Dates available 10/22-10/28. You will have to mail in the rebate with your receipt.

When I have to mail in my receipt for a rebate, I do a seperate transaction for the rebate items.

Chicken Breasts $1.19/lb at Maceys

You have to buy a box of 40 lbs to get the deal. They are fresh, not frozen. I split it with a friend and we both got 20 lbs of chicken breasts for $23.80! Awesome deal!!

We got it last year also and the chicken is great. It is untrimmed, so I spent some time cutting fat off and cutting down to the sizes that I wanted. But well worth it in my book.

Rumor has it all Associated Foods stores are doing this deal. Call your store and ask.

Free Soy Milk at Albertsons

Personally, I can't stand the stuff, but free is awesome!! (Thanks Jenn at SSD)

Pearl Soymilk (32 oz) is $1.00 ea

Buy 4 and a MFQ prints for $2.00/4 AND then a $2.00 OYNO comes out. You pay .23!

You should be able to use the $2.00/4 instantly as it is a MFQ and prints out before you pay.
You may or may not be able to use the catalina. It prints out before you pays as well. Even if you have to pay the $4.00 up front, the next orders would be free!

SOY MILK has a long shelf life and doesn't need to be refrigerated until opened. Food storage idea!

Some Tips

1. Subscribe to the Sunday paper. I subscribe to the Daily Herald and get 5 copies each week. They have a Savvy Shopper special - 5 Sunday papers for only $16/month. It is well worth the money to buy the Sunday papers. You can also ask your friends, family and neighbors for their inserts.

2. If you really want to save money, you can't afford to be brand loyal or store loyal. I have friends that are quite picky with their brands and they do save money, but not nearly what they could.

3. Get rid of the mentality that "bigger is better". You're not necessarily going to get a better value by buying the bigger sizes. Many times, with sales and coupons, the smaller sizes are free or very cheap. Last year, there were $1 off All laundry detergent coupons with no size specifications. So I bought 20 trial size bottles and got 40 loads of laundry for free!

4. Coupons can (and should) be used on clearance and sale items.

5. Organize your coupons. There are many different methods (binder, coupon file, coupon box, envelopes). I use the Binder method. I cut all of my coupons each week and organize them by category. You can use baseball card holders or photo holders. Make sure your binder has a zipper that goes all the way around. Nothing like going to all that work to have your coupons fall out in the middle of the store...

Shopping at Home

I also stock up on toys, school supplies, and anything that could be used as a present. Stock up on clearance toys and end of season sales. I organize them into totes by age (baby, older child, adult, etc) and sex (boy, girl). It's so nice to be able to "shop" in my closet!

Pictures of Storage

Here are some pictures of our storage. It includes food, toiletries, paper products, cleaning supplies, diapers, wipes, etc.

Here Goes

So people keep asking me about my "couponing", so I thought I'd start a blog to help others and answer those questions.

I started seriously couponing about 2 years ago. I found a couple of websites that got me going and I still refer to them religiously. They are listed in my links. Sign up at www.savvyshopperdeals.com and you'll get weekly emails of the deals at each store.

I won't be listing all of the deals out there. There are plenty of website for that (in my links). I will list super deals and specific shopping trips (matching items to coupons). I will not be doing all of the work - I'll be getting ideas and information from other websites and I will give those people the credit.

I'd love suggestions and sales that you find also! Also, if you have any questions, just ask and I'll do my best to help you out!


At Kmart, if the coupon is worth more than the item being purchased, it will go through without any beeps, so you can get overage.

A couple weeks ago, Kmart had double coupons and I got $1800 worth of stuff for about $75!! It was awesome! Kmart is trying to build up their business and will be doing doubles at different stores around the country, so be on the lookout.


Couponing at Walmart is pretty straight forward. If the coupon is worth more than the item being purchased, the coupon will beep. Usually, the cashier will push it through or they will adjust the coupon for the amount of purchase. If they adjust the coupon, they are supposed to write down the adjusted amount on the coupon (so they only get reimbursed for adjusted amount).

I always check out at the SCO (self check out), unless I have coupons that need to be adjusted or B1G1's. Some stores have a limit on the amount of coupons that you can use at SCO. There's not any rhyme or reason to it though - some report it's a certain dollar amount, others say it's a certain number of coupons??


Albertsons usually accepts competitors coupons. You can take any local store (Safeway, Walgreens, etc) coupons in and they will honor them.

They have stopped taking most IP coupons because of fraud. But I'm sure this will change back soon. Albies usually has a lot of blinkie machines and coupons around their stores.

Walgreens and Rite Aid

I also do the rebates at Walgreens and Rite Aid. You spend the money OOP, but you get it back at the end of the month. And you no longer have to mail the rebates, they are all done online!! So much more convenient. Many times there are MM (money makers). For example, Pantene shampoo is FAR (free after rebate) plus there is a $2 off coupon from the Sunday paper. So you actually make $2.

At both stores, the rebates are one per address.

With Walgreens rebates, you have the option of having your rebate money put onto a Walgreens gift card. When you choose this option, you get 10% of your total added on. Once you get a gift card, you can have them just add the money to it electronically (no waiting for mail). I do it this way and I just keep rolling my money into the new rebate items.

Walgreens also has Register Rewards (RR). These are money off coupons to use on your next order. They print off from the Catalina machine beside the register. Purchase a certain item, get a catalina for $ off your next purchase. Last month, Crest mouthwast was on sale for $4.49 and when you bought it, you would get a RR for $4.50 off your next purchase.

But, BEWARE, these are not rollable. Meaning, you cannot use that RR that you got on Crest Mouthwash to buy another bottle of Crest Mouthwash and expect to get another RR.


You can get some great deals at Target if you keep your eyes open. They have great clearance endcaps (end of aisle).

They also have coupons that you can print from their website and at the kiosks in the store. They put up new coupons every 2 weeks. I suggest printing at the store to save your paper and ink. The kiosks are where you print Baby and Wedding Registries. Choose Target.com. Scroll to bottom of page, click on "SuperTarget Coupons + Specials". Choose the coupons that you want to print and click Print.

You can also print TQ from Organic Grocery Deals and A Full Cup. They keep them on their website long after Target has taken them down.

You can use 1 Target coupon (TQ) and 1 Manufactures coupon (MFQ) on each item purchased. For example: PopTarts are on sale for $2. There is a TQ for $1 off PopTarts and a MFQ for $.50 off PopTarts. Give 1 TQ and 1 MFQ to cashier for each box of PopTarts that you purchase. So your cost is $.50/box of PopTarts.

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