Dell Inspiron Mini 9" Netbook $245 at Sams Club

If you are in the market for a occasional use laptop, this might be the deal for you. It's a small Dell, but with what you need to do the basics. And for $245 + free shipping, it's a great deal! Dell has the refurbished version for about the same price, but you have to pay S/H.

You do have to have a Sams Club membership (or know someone who does) for purchase.

The reviews are pretty positive. The keyboard is pretty small - letter keys are okay, but the others are crammed on to fit everything. Also, placement of some of the keys is different than on a regular keyboard. But if you aren't using it as your main computer, then it should be fine.

I'm hoping to get one ordered, but I'm going to check one out in person first. Just to make sure...

Click here for the details.



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