ShareBuilder/ING Direct $50 bonus

$50 Sharebuilder Bonus with $5 Investment

This is just like the ShareBuilder/Costco bonus. You can do it in addition to that one!!! More free money!!! Here's my post about the Costco bonus.

I was able to do this for myself, my husband and each of our girls (my husband is a custodial for 1, and I am for the other). So our investment is $5 per account = $20. And our bonus is $50 per account = $200. Total gain = $180!!! You can email me with any questions and I'll try to help!

To take advantage of this special offer, click here.

Bonus will post to account within approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the first transaction in each new individual, join, or custodial account.


1 - Choose Individual Account (or custodial account if for a child. NOT valid on ESA accounts.) Promotion Code is "Gift50".

2 - Click Yes or No depending on if you have an existing account or not.

3 - Fill out your personal information on the next few pages and then Create Account. You will then get a message stating your $50 will hit in 4 weeks. Do a screen print of this page!!!

4 - On the next page, click Basic Plan.

5 - Go to Build My Account Over Time.

6 - Create your Own Automatic Investment Plan on the next page.

7 - Choose a stock to invest $1 in.

8 - Enter the Stock Symbol and $5.

9 - Set your schedule to One Time and choose the Tuesday that you want the money transferred.

10 - Enter information to authorize and fund, then Create Account.



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