$25 Bonus from ING Direct

Here's another "free money" deal. I will never post a deal on here that isn't legit or that I haven't done myself. And this one is super easy to do! I did it a couple of days ago and my $25 bonus is there, as well as my $25 deposit. Quick and easy. I'm going to open one of these for each of my girls also.

Through 2/28/09, if you open an online Orange Savings Account through ING DIRECT and use the Reference Code D293P when opening your account you start off with a balance of $25!

Here's how to do it:

1 - Click here to open an Orange Savings Account with ING DIRECT (backed by the FDIC) It is a high interest savings in which you will currently make 2.20%.

2 - Click "Open Now" on 2 pages. The second page will give all of the details of the promotion. Read them!

3 - Fill out information and use code "D293P" in the reference code box.

4 - Transfer money from your current checking account. (There is no minimum to get the $25 bonus. I put in $25 and it worked.)

5 - After you are done setting things up, use your customer number to log in to your account. You will see your opening balance of $25. That's your bonus!

According to Surviving The Stores: I talked with ING DIRECT today and they said that the money had to remain in the account for 30 days and then the $25 will become available to withdraw (it shows that it's in there, it's just not available for 30 days).



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