Bzz Review: Off! Clip-on and Power Pad Lamp

For my new Bzz Campaign (read more here), I was sent 2 different Off! products - the Clip-on and the Power Pad Lamp. I was very excited to try these because I am very allergic to mosquitoes and sprays don't really help (I must have really sweet blood)!

I've used the Clip-on a couple of times and really like it! You clip it on to your pocket and it emits the repellent into the air around you. It did not keep me completely mosquito bite free (I don't think anything could), but it did really cut down on the mosquitoes!

We also used the Power Pad Lamp. We put on a table off to the side of where the action was and we all noticed a huge decrease in the amount of mosquitoes in the air. You light the candle in the lamp and the heat-activated Power Pad repels mosquitoes from up to 15" x 15" area over a 4 hour period.

My overall opinion is that Off! has create 2 great products! I was very impressed with both of them. The only downer is the cost. The Clip-on costs $9-13. The Power Pad Lamp costs $10-13 and you only get 1 Power Pad with the Lamp. The 3 pack of refills cost $5-7.

Here's a B1G1 coupon for the Clip-on.



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