Trouble Printing Coupons?

Do you have problems printing Bricks coupons? Here's a solution that could fix your problem!

Bricks coupons require a different URL to be printed in Firefox, IE and Safari. So if a link is posted with a IE URL, then it won't print in Firefox. You get "Please wait" or "Please install Coupon Printer".

Here's a trick that will let you print in whatever browser that you use.

Here is an IE link:

Notice the "vi" in the link (in red).

To make this link a Firefox link, you would need to change the "vi" to "wg" or "wi". Try both to see which one works (trial and error here).

If you use Safari, then you would replace the "vi", "wg" or "wi" with "xs".

You can also reverse any of these (Firefox to IE, Safari to Firefox, etc.)



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