Lehi Roller Mills Deal at Smith's

Lehi Roller Mills contacted me and asked me to try their new Heart Healthy HotCake Mix. And, of course, I say YES!

Utilizing the expertise of BYU food scientists, Heart Healthy Hotcakes features zero grams of transfats, are low in total fat, have no preservatives and are a good source of fiber. They are made with organic wheat and Omega 3 and appeal to natural food consumers and mainstream grocery shoppers alike seeking healthier foods that are nutritionally balanced, great tasting and are quick and easy to prepare.

I'm sure glad I said yes! They are delicious and so easy to make! Just add water (not even I can screw that one up) and they taste like they were made from scratch.

Lehi Roller Mills
is a Utah Company that makes amazing mixes! I would definitely recommend them.

You can get these at Smiths, from now until July 3, 2010, on sale B1G1. They are normally around $3 each, so you will be getting them for $1.50/box! This is a great deal on Lehi Roller Mills mixes!!



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