Rite Aid Coupon Policy - In Ad Coupons and Video Value Coupons

UPDATE: So, now I'm wondering... This coupon is coded as a store coupon, but it says "Manufacture"s Coupon" at the top... I've sent an email to Rite Aid Corporate and I will let you know what I find out.

Okay, so this isn't "official policy", but this has been a gray area regarding Rite Aid's policy towards In Ad Coupons and Video Values Coupons. They are both store coupons and I assumed (...) that you could not use both in the same transaction.

But this was in the Sunday ad.

I know you can't read it, but it (not so) clearly says "$3 Online coupon savings available with Video Values
see riteaid.com for details". Sounds like they are allowing us to use both In Store Ad coupons and Video Value coupons. Plus 1 Manufacture's coupon! This could make for some awesome deals!!

My suggestion would be to find your ad and keep it with you, so that you can show the store (just in case you run into any problems).



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