Rite Aid Coupon Policy

Here is the response I got from Rite Aid regarding usage of In Ad Coupons, Manufacturer Coupons, and Video Values Coupons. Looks like we can use all 3 towards a single purchase, as long as the total of the coupons does not exceed the value of the item!!


Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Rite Aid accepts three major
type of coupons; our In-Ad Coupons, Rite Aid Coupons & Manufacturer Coupons
(whether you obtain them online or through your local newspaper).

The coupons offered in our sale circulars are considered 'In-Ad Coupons'.
You can combine an In-Ad Coupon with a Manufacturer Coupon, as long as the
two combined does not exceed the cost of the item. This is also outlined in
the Coupon Acceptance Policy; - Only one manufacturer coupon is accepted for
each product, unless coupled with another manufacturer coupon found in a
Rite Aid circular.

As long as the coupons redemption amount does not exceed the cost of the
item, you may combine an In-Ad coupon, Video Values coupon and Manufactures
coupon towards the purchase of a single item as these are all different
types of coupons. The Video Values coupon is considered a 'Rite Aid Coupon'.

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